fort, townsend, washington

Before all the madness of filming, being shuttled around to different places, and doing my best to be a video director, cameralady, editor, and everything else - I had a birthday.  I reserved one special day before my first job to spend time with my deer friend, tucked up in a little cottage on the olympic peninsula.

My only request for my birthday was to take a walk in the mossy woods.  After being so long on the east coast, any time I saw a photo of the mossy, misty northwest my heart would hurt just a bit.  So, Melissa heard me.  We walked through the cedar and pine to an abandoned fort on the hill.  A magical overgrown place, sometimes painted the most beautiful, muted colors.

And, I hate to say, but while the rest of the continent was enduring snow and mostly below freezing temperatures, my birthday was graced with sunshine.  I even got to take my coat off for a bit.


Hours with this girl are generally like stepping away from reality and into a cozy dream.  My first morning there we stayed in our pajamas, turning on the soft music and warming up a breakfast of egg and biscuits.  Although I hadn't really seen much of her new hometown yet, we decided it was best to keep the pajamas on, turn on the childhood movies and spend the remainder of the morning painting. 

Beforehand, my days in Vermont were becoming increasingly filled and I was accruing a debt of self- care time.  So, this time in Port Townsend was doubly appreciated.  If only all my days could be filled thoroughly nested inside with a warm cup of tea, a paint set, and sweet music.
Plus with autumn coming, I had fun, in the afternoons, making sweet potato and apple soup, and trying out a pumpkin crisp recipe!

port townsend, wa

... where the fawns roam freely in the street, the air is always crisp, and all moments happen along the water.  We had a sweet, quiet few days - playing music and singing on driftwood by the ocean, marinating in coffee shops, taking long walks - the usual.

Our time together is always special and refreshing in a way that I feel is quite rare.  Something about being together allows me to relax and let myself go - feel more. It is something that I can only appreciate after we've parted, and I notice the small transformation that occurred.

Also, geez, are you seeing this place.

the best of: june edition

Happy July 1st! And even though I'm not there - Canada day!  Here are a few of my favorite moments from my last bit of time there (and Washington too).  Like, I mean, remember this pie?

And when I would be washing dishes and look up to see the silly cat had nested herself inside a cake box.  She's pregnant by the way!  It's crazy to think one day soon I may come home from class to tiny little baby cats waiting for me!

Hannah and I's sweet early morning breakfast at Fol Epi before work.  She made a green smoothie and we shared a caramelized onion and bacon quiche - so good.

Impromptu picnics outside of my place.

When my neighbors would hang laundry up outside of my place and the setting sun would shine through it in just the right way.  Also that I had access to all those green things growing!

Silly photo shoots on the Washington state ferries with my sister.

This cupcake.