I'm pretty sure that it's scientifically proven somewhere that if you eat a nice breakfast in the morning your day goes better.

**the first photo is outside of this little place called the coffee corner right down the street and it's the sweetest diner with the best food and real maple syrup and fresh squeezed orange juice.  I've already been there four times since moving here.



Summer in Vermont means my dear friend Melissa lives only an hour away from me and we have all the time in the world to do the things we love - stream swimming, ice-cream eating, and laughing at silly faces/ everything else.  And since it's Vermont there are magical-looking streams everywhere and ice-cream stands include things like maple syrup soft serve (!!).  It's only been a couple of weeks but my apartment and this little town is already starting to feel like home.



I'm back in Providence now, but what I miss most about the trip is all the camping that happened.  Waking up with the sun and hearing all the birds chirping from a few feet away is so nice.  It seems to make the rest of the day so much sweeter.   And camping in the mountains means being able to wash your face in a stream in the morning.

pizza & campfire.

Our first stop on the trip was in rural Pennsylvania at Melissa's family's home.  Spending time with family and food and warmth is a comforting thing, especially on a long road trip.  We ordered a 30'' pizza, which was ridiculous.  Her dad and brother built a bonfire in the backyard and we all sat around and enjoyed the spring night air... and sang bad country songs.  The most important thing is how much crying laughter happened over silly stories - there's nothing better.
Plus, soon to come are really beautiful hilly nc bluegrass festival pictures, what?