Portland is a convenient 4 hour journey from me, so, when I found out my freshman year roommate// friend, Sara, was coming to the area, I jumped at the opportunity to see her and Portland in one trip.  And, turns out, there are a lot of old friends from North Carolina living in Portland - it ended up being more like a North Carolina reunion in the Pacific Northwest.  Most of our time was spent catching our minds up to the fact that we were all seeing each other for the first time in 1 - 2 years .. . on the other side of the country.  With the first sunny days beginning to show we spent the time lazing in the park and exploring the city - everyone was so cheery- someone just gave me a free Voodoo doughnut in the street after smiling at him!
And the second night Sara got a groupon for a little place on the Oregon coast - we got a room with a fireplace and a view looking straight out into the ocean.

where I live now.

Montpelier has a river running through it and houses all along, so sometimes I can pretend like I'm actually just living in Venice.  And then if I travel up the hill a bit I get the beautiful mountain landscapes I missed so much from living in Asheville.  And journeying outside of the town a bit I get all the idyllic red barn farm scenes I always hoped would happen if I lived in Vermont.