We drew pictures in the park with oranges and guarana soda. Comparing our perspectives of the same place was so much fun, and drawing, just for fun, with honest lines and no inhibitions is my new favorite thing. We walked to a nearby court to play basketball, which seemed laughable at first, but ended up being the best time.  Kids from the playground came over and asked if they could play with us and soon we had completed a 2 hour game of knock out.  These were the best kids too, they were polite with us, joking around, and by the end they were begging that we stay just 30 minutes longer :S
Plus, it was nice to have a day of "just hangin' out".  Providence, or maybe being a 20-something, it seems there always has to be a purpose for meeting someone, to get coffee or go to a lecture or a poetry reading, but I've been missing the good ol' days of just calling someone up to come over - make up the plans along the way.  So, we did just that and I had so much more fun than I've ever had at any old poetry reading.

the end of a week.

Saturday night was a potluck and games at Leonore's!  It is pretty much impossible to leave an event where there is delicious food and so much laughter and not feel completely content (and so full of soup).
And Sunday Kyle and lounged in the 55 degree weather (?!) at India Point Park.  There was a telling of folktales, tree climbing, impressing/scaring children, and I even tried slacklining! I hope my return to school tomorrow doesn't interfere with all of this good.

a bike tour.

Today I was invited out to this cool, offbeat place in South Providence, Liberty Elm Diner (blueberry french toast! ^^), but it turned into a mini bike tour/adventure through the whole city:

First: Roger Williams Park! It was so huge and filled with lakes and ducks and surreal architecture.

Okay and then City Farm, a little workshare farming place actually within the city.

And finally the Providence Athenaeum, a library that's been around since 1753.  It was filled with old mysterious books and it was so fun to see books with the last check out date in 1946.  My friend found a bookmark that was from 1923 in one of the books :O. It was a happy little way to not completely hibernate through the 35 degree weather. AND the day finished with riding through the city on the back rack of someone's bicycle.