Dad and I took the day to explore the biking trails around the tiny mining town he lives in.  It was the most father-daughter-ish thing we've done in a long time.  We saw lakes and abandoned mines and scarecrows dressed in wedding dresses.  The town is small, but the air is so clean and crisp and the people are all so friendly.  Plus, it was nice to hang out with my dad for the day - I haven't biked around with him since I was a kid. I never really thought much about Minnesota, but I really like it up here, what the heck?


Tuesdays I don't have any school or work to go to, so it's nice to sleep in, go out to breakfast, lounge on my couch, and bike around for the day.  I'm trying to savor these little moments before the spring trimester starts where everyone's schedule is just going to get crazy.

*that little green house is where i live!

**p.c. leonore mccarthy