Somehow, in a couple of days I've managed to reasonably settle into my new Brooklyn room.  There are lots of things I'd like to share about this new crazy place I'm living in, not to mention new recipes to post, and birthday gifts to share, but first I have to get *the now* squared away - mostly finishing up this video project so I can feel like any other leisurely photo taking isn't some form of procrastination.

And less than a week ago, I was here, on Vancouver Island.  Our picnic was a set and an excuse to go to Goldstream Provincial Park.  The previous days of being shuttled around and feeling a bit haphazard were immediately quieted here.  The green and redwoods as a backdrop to my lovely friends and colorful food inspired, and I found a zeal for the project that had been missing in the previous days.

 My friends endured the damp cold and the strong smell of dead salmon (an annual winter occurrence in the nearby Goldstream river) for this project and I can't thank them enough for having so much patience as they watched me fumble around this new videographer character.  They brought me coffee in the morning, made delicious meals, and were all around good company.  Every time I'm near them I think what a wonder it is to have found people so far away with such similar interests as my own.

And while I am so excited about all the possibilities that go along with big city living, there have been a few times these last couple of days, where I'm walking around these foreign Brooklyn streets, enduring a bit of culture shock, and I've found myself wishing I was comfortably nested with these sweetie people as my company.

Also, I have promoted her blog countless times, but you should really look at Sophie's space - Wholehearted Eats !  Over the course of knowing her I've watched her blog blossom into a beautiful raw foods haven with countless original and creative, healthy recipes.  It's even more impressive because she manages to maintain her blog and work a full time job!
While you're at it, you should also look at her angelic sister, Hannah's space - Tea and Toast.  She's a busy student, but when she does post her photos and words are the loveliest.