vergennes laundry

In a small Vermont town, this lovely bakery popped straight out of the pages of Kinfolk, and into the quaint downtown of Vergennes. The space once housed an old laundromat, but was converted to a wood fired bakery -  still maintaining certain details from the old laundromat. 
 Ever since I saw the write-up of this place on the Edible Selby  I knew I had to journey up there for a visit.  And the one hour drive was worth it.   This place is so carefully constructed, each ingredient and accent fitting together perfectly to create an aesthetic that forces you to stop an appreciate.  

Since we'd made the journey, we went all out, indulging in creme fraiche truffles, cardamom buns, and then lounging around until we were hungry enough for lunch.  Which yielded one of the most delicious and beautiful lunches I've ever had in any old cafe.  We split the ~gravlax~  a sandwich with house cured salmon, herbed creme fraiche, raw harukei turnips and pickled sunchokes - and then - an amazing and stunning cheese plate with four local Vermont cheeses -  complete with slices of their wood fired bread.  Best Sunday morning ever, really.

Plus, in the middle of autumn, the trip to Vergennes was beautiful - meandering through small historic towns and occasionally passing an overlook of colorful mountainsides.  These are the things I love about living in Vermont.