{loving} november

It's always been a known fact that spring is my favorite season.  I've always thought that nothing could be better than excitement of the fresh flower bloom and the re-emerging sun.  The enlivening feeling of the shedding of the winter hibernation and waking up to new life.

However, this November I am beginning to doubt myself.  I have been bundling up and taking grey walks through the Vermont woods and found a whole new attachment with this time of year.  There is something incredibly beautiful about the blending between autumn and winter - the last remaining leaves on the trees, the drying up of the flowers, the slow creeping in of the winter decay.

It is a mysterious time, one that makes me want to wear dark colors and take in the subtle transition happening around me - to break out my candles, warm up some tea, and stay inside reading alchemical texts and fantasy novels.  

And tonight, I will probably go and do just that.