all hallows, buster keaton: a character series

Any chance I get to dress up I'll take it.  Where most people lose their enthusiasm for dressing up on Halloween as they age, I seem to be moving in the reverse direction.  Now I'm old enough to make my own costumes, and thrift store hop, collecting things for my costume vision - as opposed to wearing the cheap premade costumes I was given growing up.   This year I had found a vest I thought to be quite charming and was racking my brain to figure out a costume where I could wear it - and I came up with a silent film star!  Buster Keaton to be exact. And I loved wearing this costume, dancing in the suit and hat - so much more fun than dancing in the usual attire.

Alos, another idea, for next year, if you're looking for an easy last -minute halloween costume - how about Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's?  All you need is black dress, heels, and a necklace.  I did that for the actual Halloween night.  All I had to do was find a cigarette holder!  I ended up using a long back straw - so easy!  

**Big thanks to Amanda, for taking 1000s of photos, and laughing at all my silly faces.

Hope everybody had a fun weekend, in costume or not.