chocolate and cardamom croissants with chocolate ganache and poached plums.

My finale for advanced pastry required that we create a laminated day of our choosing - the only requirement being that the dough is laminated!  As usual, my brain began churning for something that was going to be a bit outside the realm of the doughs we'd been doing in class.  I thought of chocolate croissant dough, then wanted to push it further.  I recalled a laminated bread I saw once that alternated plain and chocolate yeasted dough - creating a black and white striped look.  If you could do it with bread, you can certainly do it with a croissant, right?  So I tried it - with great results.  I put cardamom in 1/2 of the plain dough and dutch processed cocoa in the other half.
Then, to take it another step further I put shaved dark chocolate and cardamom in the beurrage (the square of butter).
And to finish it all off, and make it all super decadent I poached plum halves in red wine, sliced them, and filled the croissants with them and a dark chocolate baton with a little bit of chocolate ganache piped underneath.

Once again, another set of trials, but this may be one of my favorite things I've ever made!  It was so, so mmm gooey chocolatey, filled with delicious red wine plums, and pretty to look at!

C h o c o l a t e   C a r d a m o m   C r o i s s a n t s

C h o c o l a t e    D o u g h 

All purpose flour   - 540 grams
Milk  - 270 grams
Water - 45 grams
Fresh Yeast - 7 grams
Salt - 11 grams
Sugar - 34 grams
Dutch Processed Cocoa - 20 grams

C a r d a m o m   D o u g h 

same measurements as above but without the chocolate and with the addition of 20 grams of cardamom!

B u t t e r    B e u r r a g e

Butter at room temperature - 270 grams
Shaved dark chocolate - 30 grams
Cardamom - 30 grams

For further directions click here!  The method I used is a bit different than hers, but it will all result in a delicious croissant, and if anyone wants to try to replicate this recipe please feel free to write me and I can post further instructions!

Mm mm mmm mmmm.