scavenger hunt.

My school friends assembled a scavenger hunt and scattered it around little Montpelier.  It was incredibly elaborate.  We split into two teams and had to photograph various Vermont curiosities,  find downtown items, and complete our own specific team quest!  We followed a trail of envelopes placed in different shops and landmarks about town - one envelope in a journal in the town bookstore, one envelope in a waiter's hand at a small restaurant, one in a garden bed outside the public library, and it kept going.  Our team ended up capitalizing on our own individual skills -  I followed the envelope trail and was so excited when one envelope's task was to survey strangers with 6 questions about Vermont, whereas no one else in my group had any desire to do that.  For the record only 50% of the locals knew who the governor of Vermont was and 25% knew the river that runs through Montpelier, geez.  And with all our efforts our team ended up winning!  A small victory that ended in a sweet and delicious 4 course dinner in the scavenger hunt creator's home.
I hadn't done a scavenger hunt since childhood, but I recommend it! It was just as fun as I remembered.