busy, busy

My days have been filled to the top.  I'm a baking student by day, barista by afternoon, and when I'm not an exhausted person crashed on my bed, a socialite in the evening.  Ideally I would be using my free time to work on all things I imagined I would upon returning to Vermont, but I'm finding I would rather spend my time with all the people I'm meeting in the community, or quietly painting by my window.  It seems more like I'm going to use my time in Vermont  more as a time of physical work and saving, so the upcoming apprenticeship will be all the more appreciated.  Where will I go next?  I find my mind drifting to all the beautiful places I could go, and wondering which spot would suit me best.

For the time being I'm feeling pretty settled into small - town living.  Today I'm collecting myself so that I can be more present and for the moments of work - time that is even more appreciated when it is so rare.

These photos are a few assorted moments, a bit more from my time in Brooklyn, and snakes in North Carolina.  Hoping everyone's days are rested and well.