oh, asheville

Asheville, there's no place quite like it.  There's a buzz to the city that enlivens and kind of makes you feel like you're always on vacation.  It's filled with vegan dive spots, a delicious chocolate lounge that's open late, so many amazing breakfast places, and a huge art scene.  I love it there.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed it until I went back. 

I went swimming with old friends, did a lot of porch lounging, and spent some solo time in the botanical gardens that were once my favorite retreat spot.

And as for this past week, I've started early, early morning bread classes.  It's nice to be back working with dough, but I forgot what it's like to begin going to sleep before the sun has set, and waking up when it's still dark outside.  Anyway, I'll get used to it.  In this class we're developing our own bread recip, so, I've had all sorts of fun experimenting with creating my very own natural sourdough starters for the final product!