humble down.

Today was a quiet day.  After my whirlwind journey I'm finally back in Vermont, picking up where I left off with nesting, settling back in.  The trip was beautiful, lots of familiar faces and places, a vacation very much needed.  But now I'm back and I have to bring working back into focus.  I've found that lately my thoughts have become more and more 'me' centered.  It's inevitable, I guess, to put yourself at the center of your universe, but sometimes it's good to quiet that voice that's constantly screaming "yeah, but what about me!!!" and notice what's going on around you, or maybe the story that's going on in somebody else's world.
In Rhode Island I saw an old friend, the same one that made me these shoes (still my most prized possession), and he is an inspiration for humble, simple living. These photos are from his home, the porch area where he reads in the morning. His only electronics to speak of include a landline telephone, and a couple of lamps.  Otherwise, he works by candlelight, makes his own chairs, clothing, spins his own wool, and gets by on not very much.  The clothing he wears, the notebooks he writes in, he made, and there's nothing in his home that is without intention. Any situation you might be going through, he's got a helpful quote waiting, and he's always willing to listen.  Everytime I speak with him I am reminded how loud my life is, the excess I have, the impulses I act on.  
I thrive on freedom and new adventures, but sometimes I do have to keep myself in check.  On the trip I collected all sorts of inspirations, all of which I want to begin acting on immediately, but I have to remember to not spread myself too thin, be mindful of my expenses, and keep a bit of time each week for doing a quality chunk of nothing at all.