beaver tail.

I forgot what salt tastes like on my lips, or the way it coats locks of my hair, and settles on my skin.  The feeling of the sun taking up the water, warming your skin, but the salt remaining. Diving into the cool Atlantic, it hit me that it had been over a year that I've swam in ocean water.  You don't realize the difference between the fresh water of streams and lakes until you are dealing with the salt sting around your eyes, and the small salty tastes you get from diving under.  I didn't realize how much I had missed it.

From my travels, this day was definitely the dreamiest.  My old friend from Rhode Island and I met up, and took a true vacation day -  going to diner breakfast, and spending a long day on the rocky, cliffy coastline.  He taught me how to use a medium format camera, and I finally got a better understanding on how to use a rangefinder.  It was a photo excursion of sorts, and I'm excited to see how those shots turned out.


There's something about those rocky New England beaches that warms me up and makes me feel like I am home.