...these beautiful people for setting up the dreamiest going away party I think a person could ever have. I arrived weary from work and was met with, the loveliest homemade 'goodye demetria' banner, sweet (and tasty) lavender cupcakes, beet falafel, spring rolls, homemade peanut tofu, sangria, and the list goes on.  I'm happy the tears didn't come amongst everyone, but I'm sure I'll be a waterfall somewhere on my journey back to Vermont.

All of this just for little old me, I couldn't be more thankful.  Since arriving here in British Columbia, these people have been gems - inviting me on island outings, having me over for breakfast and coffee, being so generous with their food and drinks and company.  And what a wonder to come to such a foreign place and be met with kind people who I can also get along with so well.

So, this coming week I'll be fondly reflecting on all this magic while I pack for the upcoming cross continent trip, and still trying to squeeze in what bit of time I have left with these sweet people.  I'm returning to the little capital city of Vermont to continue on with my baking classes for 6 months and then I'm on to the second apprenticeship.  Too far ahead to say exactly where that one will be, maybe even back in the Pacific Northwest!


PS: I think the early signs of my transformation into a Greek grandmother are showing,  I made spanakopita for everyone and was then guilting the people who didn't take a second piece, oh no.

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