cathedral grove

 At dusk, we stopped along our way to Tofino, parking at the signs marked 'Ancient Forest: Cathedral Grove'.  At that time of night the moss ceremoniously swayed in the trees and the stumps cast shadow figures on the soil.  Hushing our voices, we quietly tread along, listening to the faint voices carried on the breeze,  admiring what we could see of the large dark masses and the grey light seeping in between.  

It was a magical experience.  That night we stayed nearby, in Port Alberni, and I insisted the next morning that we take our coffees and see all the old-growth again, in the early light. 

It wasn't the same eerie, haunting feeling, of the night before, but much more fun.  We intended to only stay for a few minutes, but ended up as children again, playing around for what must have been a couple of hours. 

I pretended that I had grown up in that forest, and had only ever known cedar and redwood, moss and pine.  Or that I should abandon the trip and find a way to live on the mountainside, building myself a canoe to paddle alongside the heritage trees.

And an 800 year old tree!

We eventually had to return to the road, so, I filled my jar with water from the stream, the most cold and crisp water, and tried to make it last the rest of the trip.

Also, the giveaway winner is Emily Sadowski !  Thank- you to everyone who entered!  I hope to keep
giving away awesome handmade and crafted things in the future!