back in vermont

I made it!!! Successfully crossing the country alone (well, plus a cat) part II!! I arrived in Vermont on Tuesday night and have already stayed over with my grandmother,  halfway unpacked, visited some friends on the eastern side, and stopped by this old covered bridge.  It's crazy to think that just year ago Melissa and I were running around these woods like we'd grown up here, but then again also it's hard to believe that it has been an entire year - time, man.
And, there's something about Vermont that makes my heart feel full and my body like it's at home.  Driving to my grandmother's in the night, I could see the silhouette of the mountains on the horizon with the waning moon in the background and I felt a complete sense of peace.  I could finally sit there in the driver's seat for a moment and not wonder if I was going the right way or what my sleeping quarters would be like for the night.  I've still got so much to do, and I miss all my friends on the western coast already a bunch, but I feel that my next 6 months here will be good ones.