already reminiscing: salt spring island

Just 10 more hours of traveling and I'll be back in Vermont - it's so crazy to think.  I dipped down to Cleveland, Ohio to visit a friend from school and it's all starting to become real.  In just a week's time I'll be back, attending classes, receiving formal baking training, and spending as much time as I can dealing with the heat at swimming holes and waterfalls.
 And then, just 3 weeks ago I was here - on Salt Spring Island!  It was a beautiful day - waking up early on Saturday morning and biking over to Sophie's home (unfortunately, she, our crucial member, was sick) to be met with coffee waiting in a thermos in Adam's old Volkswagen Cabriolet.  I've never considered getting a different car until riding in this one. Riding around the island, wind blowing in our hair and drinking coffee, with the B-52's and the Life Aquatic music as a our soundtrack, it was so fun.

... stopping along the way at True Grain bakery in Cowichan Bay - amazing crusty breads using natural starters!

At the local Salt Spring Island market (where I picked up many things for this giveaway) we gathered cheese and hot pepper jelly, took them to a park, and shared them on our True Grain rye bread, right next to the ocean.

...and dorky photos were taken of me.

Ahh British Columbia, I'm already nostalgic, I'm doomed.

Also, for good measure: Wowwww I love it.