to washington II

A few more moments from my trip to Washington.  Melissa and I went to Bellingham, WA for a procession of the species through the downtown, most people dressed as various animals, her and I dressed up as nymphs, she a nereid and I a siren, and we joined the proecession.  We walked through the downtown smiling at the people on the sidelines and admiring all the creative costumes (somebody attached a dust wand as their 'tail'!)  It wasn't what we expected, but fun nonetheless.  The march led to a park where there was live music and everybody danced together in their costumes.  Honestly, I thought the best part was when we went out afterwards to drink iced tea and share fish and chips.

** melissa took that last photo of me

Marita, the squirrel that guards Melissa's house and will eat peanuts out of your hands.

Otherwise time was spent eating more things and drinking as much coffee as possible.