a local market + backpack giveaway!

Recently I was contacted by a large sunglasses company to host a giveaway on my blog.  It's my first request for a sponsored link, and honestly, I considered it -  traffic coming through here and somebody gets a free pair of sunglasses!  Their requests were that I post photos of cool looking fashion bloggers wearing their sunglasses and give an introduction with links telling all about their company.  After a bit of consideration, I decided - nope.  I would have to warp my personality to pretend that I've always wanted these sunglasses, and that you should too - it felt like selling out. 

And to be honest, I already often resent how material and opulent the blogging community tends to be - sometimes making it seem that you have to be wealthy and live in a perfectly clean big white house filled with nice/expensive things in order to have a successful blog and a happy life.  Or how many blogs post endless products that further inpire this wanting - perpetuating the idea that owning more and more things will make you happy.  While of course, this urge comes over everybody (I have a bit of a clothing problem myself), I generally like to promote the ideal of: 
live simply, work with your hands.  

And, it's probably best to support others who are doing the same.

So, I didn't really feel that this globalized sunglasses/glasses company was fitting into this ideal.  But, it did spark the thought: hey, I should still do a giveaway!  

So, I present to you a woven straw, drawstring backpack, lined with cotton, and attached with adjustable leather straps - I picked it up from a crafter at a vintage fair here in Victoria.

And, and, and that's not all! I'm going to fill the backpack with products from local Vancouver Island farmers markets!  Things like salves and seed bags and locally crafted goods, all produced here on the island, or from neighboring islands!  A sort of local farmers market kit + plus beautiful straw backpack giveaway!
I mean, I think we all have the desire to collect lovely/cool things, and as long as it's not done in excess, why not satisfy that desire by supporting nearby farmers, artisans, and crafters?

All you have to do is post a comment below and you'll be eligible for the giveaway!
Winner will be picked and posted on June 3rd!

** This post was also inspired by Milla of The Girl Who Married A Bear.  She's doing a series right now on buying and selling clothing, personal style, clothing ethics, and more!  Check out her blog!