Stop I: Fort Langley

My coworker was visiting his childhood home while we were on our trip, so we stopped over to say hello.  He gave us a short tour of the little town, and in the process of walking down to the river we discovered an abandoned house.  There's always a simultaneous draw and fear about actually going into an abandoned house, right? But this one, with the sun out, and my friends nearby I walked straight in.  Peeling walls and broken glass, and a bit of graffiti, my favorite being, 'like what you've done with the place' all creating a pretty mysterious and shifty atmosphere.  And then when we were done exploring we walked down to the water and ate strawberries on the fence.  After a strange night in Vancouver the cozy town and familiar coworker/friend's face made me feel quite at ease again and set just the right pace for the rest of the journey.