mountaintop cemetery

Easter Sunday was the most light-filled day.  We went to the hot springs in Nelson, but found that, since we were graced with such warm weather, it was too hot out for hot springs, so we decided to explore the area and wait for the cool afternoon air to come.  In our exploring we found a little trail that led to an old miner's cemetery.  One of the most historical things I've found in British Columbia, the graves dated back to the 1800's.  There was a sacred feeling to the space, with butterfly pairs flitting above the graves and the pollen floating on the springtime breeze, Caroline and I quietly walked around the residual snow.  As I walked I became powerfully aware that I was bearing witness to life in all of it's stages, just another being floating through the cycle, I've never felt so grounded in the present.  After a bit Caroline and I sat down and looked out over the lake and mountains in silence.