A weekend to Washington to see a sweet, familiar face.  And what a beautiful weekend it was, neither of us were sick or totally exhausted from crossing the country, and there was just a general feeling of excitement.  There was music to be played, sweets to be eaten, markets to traverse, and grocery store trips that desperately needed for us to giggle in our pj's on the way to and fro. I was able to share the mossy green Washington forests with lovely people and we stumbled upon a dinosaur skeleton :o (okay, yes, it was probably a deer).  
The Pacific Northwest holds a certain depth of color and mist that often surprises my eyes when I look around - a type of scenery that I've never seen before.  Even in Seattle, the area is so lush and rich that moss is able to grow on the cement - scattered along fences and coating trees - a type of beauty that seems to say you can flourish no matter where you are.