life in victoria from my mobile.







i. My first trip to Beacon Hill park - the moment where it clicked, "ahh, this is why everyone said it was so beautiful here."
ii.  The kitten-cat Rowan on the journey here (who says cats can't stand cars).
iii. My first Challah braid!
iv.  The fires burn all day in the bakery so the ovens will be warm to bake the bread at night - so nice to stand near on a cold rainy day.
v.  The harbor, just west of the bakery.
vi.  The brick ovens I'm kneading beside all day long.
vii.  There are so many 'leave-a-book, take-a-books' here,  almost every little neighborhood near me has one, I love the idea.
viii - ix. Sunsets in the park.
x. A Tim Tam Slam event!  Where two new friends came over and we slammed Tim Tams to dramatic music and then tried to play a bit of music on our own.
xi & xiii. After getting out of work I bike down to the park and sit on a rock reading and look out at the Washington mountains on the other side of the ocean.
xii. Co-workers, meeting up and playing music all together.  I even played a piano duet!

And, after all this talk of keeping up with my blog, well, I'm leaving on long weekend adventure, so no updates for a few days.  I'm off to explore the interior of British Columbia with a new friend!  We are going to a place that every local has said is the most beautiful - nestled in the mountains with lots of rustic architecture and music all around.  I can't wait to take all of the photos.