one last look.

Okay, so much has happened.  Since I last wrote I successfully crossed the country, moved into a little cabin behind a sweet family's house in Canada, and have started an apprenticeship at a litte wood-fired bakery on Vancouver Island! Sheesh, I'm tired, but I like it so much here -- everyone is so kind and the bakery is everything I hoped it would be, all wooden and small with so many delicious things.  It's all very surreal though, not even a week ago I was comfortably living my life in Vermont - now there's a metric system to get used to, French radio stations, a whole different type of people, and warmer, rainy winters.
I swear once I'm not moving in 1000 directions I'll put up photos.

Anyway, before all of that, I decided to take a trip to get a look at the Atlantic Ocean before I left it for so many months --so an overnight trip to southern Maine!  The wind froze my blood, but it was so beautiful and I hadn't even realized how much I missed that salty air.  When I left I could still taste salt on my lips and my hair was in a crisp, messy place.  Not to mention I ate so much seafood.