all moved in.

Okay, I've been pretty bad at posting, but moving and goodbyes and unpacking is tiring man.  However, at least now I can say I've successfully moved into my new place in Vermont.  It's really pretty cozy - I live right above a bookstore and a diner!  My school is also only a block away too. I am fortunate to have talked to the right person at the right time to have snagged this little place.  It's going to take some acclimating though.  Vermont is another planet compared to Rhode Island, there's nothing very urban over here and self-sufficiency is really the way of life, and there's not nearly as many people around my age nearby.  But, I'll do the best I can and soon I'll be able to accept the beginning of this new chapter.  In the meantime I'm going to appreciate all the unreal mountain scenes everywhere - it's so beautiful up here!