the new year.

Now that school has started back, I feel like my new year has really started.  Last year was a restless one - I was just going and doing, moving and changing.  I was a Classics major living in Asheville, NC at the beginning of the year, Savannah, Georgia for spring break, a post final exams road trip up the eastern coast, working in Greece over the summer, off to Istanbul for a bit, a baker/barista in coastal North Carolina, a visit to Lake Powell, Utah, and then I made the big move up to Providence, geez.
This year I'd like to take all the things I learned throughout my adventuring and take on a new character.    One sort of inspired by William Morris' quote, "give me love and work - these two only." I'd like to teach myself a new piece of music and illustrate all the silly ideas running around in my head, explore the nearby outdoors, and read all the books that have been collecting dust on my shelf.  I'm sure I will still go on spontaneous adventures, but I hope to find a balance, and a bit of poise and grace too.
And, I can't really give up my little indulgences, like stacks of apple cider pancakes in the morning...