little moments.

Since I've gotten back to Providence there's been a silly amount of work and school in my days.  So, I've been doing my best to appreciate the little moments I have in between.
1) Monday night after work I biked on over to suzie's place and we shared pastries and caught up on our vacation time
2) ...and yesterday after work we did the same except over burritos!
3)  Also, a new practice: take just 30 minutes in the morning before class to sit, eat granola, read and write.  It's amazing how just a few minutes of peace, creativity and pumpkin granola can improve your day.
4) Also, to keep that day going - some tea and honey in between classes!
There's also been library exploring with Leonore, a brief listening at a poetry reading, and a kitten viewing at a nearby friends house too!  These things make up for all the less fun classes and the large amount of work hours, so, I'm happy.