back in asheville!

For the last 3 days I've been in my old home: asheville, nc.  So, I've been doing my best revisit all the old favorite places.
i-ii. Melissa and I's old sunday morning favorite, the Corner Kitchen! We brought Leah along too and we all had the most amazing brunch.  Man, it is so great being back in the land of sweet tea.
iii.  A chocolate lounge date with Melissa - are you seeing that chocolate cake?!
iv. The Goodwill outlet! A place where you rummage through bins to find the tack and best things and everything is only 1.10 a pound!?  It is probably the only place you can find a dress with cows all over it and medical scrubs in the same place. I missed it so much.
v. Chai and hot chocolate at a cool little house coffee shop in west asheville.
vi. Fancy taiwanese tea at Matthew's!
vii. Mango eatin' and just messing around on my old college campus.
viii.  Indian food with all the best people.
It's been so nice to be back.