Demetria Provatas is a baker, artist, and photographer based out of the San Juan Islands. After studying art in Asheville, NC she moved up to New England to study baking at a small school in Vermont. After apprenticing for a brick oven bread bakery on Vancouver Island, she finished up school and began working and assisting food photographers and stylists in Brooklyn, working as an editorial assistant at Saveur Magazine, and making pies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. She has worked with Saveur Magazine, VK. REES, and is a regular contributor for Taproot Magazine, amongst others.  

Woodland Keep is a dream project. Since my teenage years this idea has turned around in my mind of a quiet space in the woods, a space where I could bake and paint and breathe and be. The natural landscape would be a teacher. Woodland Keep is right now a pie stand, a space for recipe creation, occasional astrology & chocolates, and other creative whims. Woodland Keep has many dreams, but hopes to maybe eventually evolve into a community space with fun events, growing many of our ingredients with our own land and a beautiful baking space, but we'll see!

About me: I grew up on the outer banks of North Carolina, somewhere between baking with grandparents and moving to the Appalachian mountains I began a baking adventure. I worked in bakeries in New England before venturing on to receive a baking & pastry degree at a little school in Montpelier, Vermont called the New England Culinary Institute. Baking apprenticeships took me to making bread at a brick oven bakery on Vancouver Island and then a photography hobby took me to a food photography internship in Brooklyn, New York. I then moved on to work as an editorial assistant at Saveur Magazine. I worked at a desk one portion of the week and the other portion was spent at the dream job of making pies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

 Woodland Keep is inspired by the comfort of seasonal trips to my grandmother's cabin in Vermont.  After spending nearly 2 years working as a food photographer and pie maker in New York City I found myself carting all of her possessions in a little sedan all the way across the country -  to end up on an island off of the coast of Washington. 

THE SPACE: Woodland Keep is nestled in the woods of the San Juan Islands. 


Live simply, work with your hands   ....(and have fun)