Woodland Keep is a dream project. Since my teenage years this idea has turned around in my mind of a quiet space in the woods, a space where I could breathe and create, bake and paint, write and be. The natural landscape would be a teacher and I would find ways to gracefully find and forage ingredients for varying creations. As I've slowly worked to make this dream into a reality - Woodland Keep is now a space for the making and selling of decorative pies, chocolates, illustrations, woodsy creations, astrology and other various creative/magic making whims. I use as many local ingredients as possible and every ingredient is organic. Woodland Keep has many dreams, but hopes to maybe eventually evolve into a community space with fun events, growing many of our ingredients with our own land and a beautiful baking space, but we'll see!

The Baker/Photographer/Artist/Magic Keeper History  {condensed}: Girl moves from her home state of North Carolina to begin a half-spiritual, half-just-fun baking adventure. She works in bakeries in New England before venturing on to receive a baking & pastry degree at a little school in Montpelier, Vermont. Baking apprenticeships take her to making bread at a brick oven bakery on Vancouver Island and then a photography hobby takes her to a food photography internship in Brooklyn, New York, leading to a position working as an editorial assistant at Saveur Magazine! Working at a desk one portion of the week, the other portion was spent at the dream job of making pies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. A country girl at heart, she finally escapes the city back to the northwest, to a small island off the coast of Washington where all of her dreams, interests, baking & artistic work can mingle together in a mossy, wooded, serene, and beautiful landscape that she truly loves.

Root:  Demetria Provatas has always longed for a quiet, wooded place of her own - strongly fueled by the comfort brought from seasonal trips to her grandmother's cabin in Vermont to a childhood fascination with the transcendentalism movement.  After spending nearly 2 years working as a food photographer and pie maker in New York City, this yearning for a still, natural landscape reached a (desperate) peak, and before she knew it she found myself carting all of her possessions in a little sedan all the way across the country -  to end up on an island off of the coast of Washington. 

THE SPACE: Woodland Keep is nestled right in the middle of a big wooden space (a barn?) in the woods of the San Juan Islands. 

THE ARTIST: Demetria Provatas is a baker, artist, and photographer based out of the San Juan Islands. After studying art in Asheville, NC she moved up to New England to study baking at a small school in Vermont. After apprenticing for a brick oven bread bakery on Vancouver Island, she finished up school and began working and assisting food photographers and stylists in Brooklyn, working as an editorial assistant at Saveur Magazine, and making pies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. She has worked with Saveur Magazine, VK. REES, and is a regular contributor for Taproot Magazine, amongst others. 

IN SHORT - baker \/ food & lifestyle photographer \/recipe maker \/ artist

Capricorn sun, Leo moon, Aquarius rising

Live simply, work with your hands   ....(and have fun)


Woodland Keep has a lot of big bright dreams for the future. Land of our own, a brick oven, a baking space/studio, baking equipment, a cabin, a space to grow our own food/ingredients. With all of these dreams, plus more, the temptation to put ads on this page, to create empty merchandise, or to invest time in shallow work grows, but at our heart we know these things would defy the values and intent of this project - so, if you like what's happening here and you feel so inclined to invest it's humble growth any donations given would be very much appreciated. And either way - thank you for following along! This project wouldn't be the same without you! Xx